Install Plugins

Last updated 2 months ago

It's time to start using the plugin we created inside our Demo project.

Go back to our Demo project on the Desktop - AarKayDemo and add the plugin inside AarKay/AarKayFile

./../../aarkay-plugin-myfirstplugin, b-master

b-master tells that AarKay will use the master branch of the plugin. Don't forget to commit your changes of plugin to the master branch.

After adding the plugin your AarKayFile should look like this, ~> 0.1.0
./../../aarkay-plugin-myfirstplugin, b-master

Now run aarkay install inside your AarKayDemo project.

Notice that we have installed the aarkay-plugin-myfirstplugin at master in our AarKayDemo project.

Now create Datafiles inside AarKay/AarKayData/myfirstplugin/[].MyFirstPlugin.yml with the following contents

- name: John
age: 25
- name: Peter
- name: Daniel
- name: Josheph

Run aarkay

You can see that we have succesfully installed and used our first plugin in our demo project.